Monday, September 12, 2016

Standing on the Edge

While reworking the bed for the new Rhododendron along the Stroll Garden, I decided to take the time to modify the edging. I was inspired by the edging that I had see at the Missouri Botanical Garden Japanese Garden, Seiwa-En.

Along much of the garden's pathways, there is an edging comprised of grass - I think it was Mondo Grass, but I'm not 100% certain. 

click to see panoramic image 

I loved the way it separated the gravel areas from the walkway. Immediately, I though that I could incorporate a similar style within my own stroll garden.

I had incorporated a gentle curve separating the planting bed and gravel walkway into my original design. As a result, I thought that a similar grass could work as edging along the curve.

Once I adjusted the bed along the garage wall by leveling the soil and planted the newly purchased Rhododendron, I then began work on planting Super Blue Liriope (Liriope mascara 'Super Blue'). Its not Mondo Grass, but it was the closet thing I could find that was available, and relatively inexpensive. 

The Liriope will also result in a purple flower. I will need to keep an eye on how much these grow in width. I planted them only 8 inches apart, about half the distance I should have. If after one season they grow to wide, I can remove every other plant and use them elsewhere. I am hoping to get the ones I've planted to form one long border, so I am willing to take a risk with the close proximity. After two years I should also be able to split them and use portions elsewhere.

In the meantime, the initial planting looks good. However, I still have to re-mulch the entire bed. That may have to wait a while.

These Liriope like part sun, so the morning sunlight will do them well, and the afternoon shade should keep them from getting to much sunlight. In the meantime, we will have to see how this experiment turns out.

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