Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fall Mulch

After finishing the work on the curved bed alongside the stroll garden it needed to be covered with a layer of mulch. I don't like to mulch in the early fall unless necessary. In this case, I thought it was best to give the plants a bit of protection before we head into the winter. There is still plenty of time for weeds to take root, so the mulch will go a long way to keep weeds from getting a foothold. It should also help to retain some moister as the plants establish their roots.

I am very pleased with how the bed has turned out and remain hopeful that these plantings will work. We will see how things look in the spring.

The only drawback is that the cinder block foundation is even more exposed than before. I had always hoped to just hide the foundation with plants. However, it may be time to consider having the foundation covered with a more appealing stone.

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