Monday, June 8, 2015

Shady Additions

I spent the weekend making some adjustments and adding some new plants.

The Delosperma ('Mesa Verde' Ice Plant) was only in a couple weeks and I noticed it was already being eaten by slugs. So, rather than let it continue its slow decline, I decided to transplant it into a pot and try to save it before it was killed off. For now, I will leave it in a sunny place behind our garden shed, well out of the reach of slugs.

In its place, I planted a Epimedium grandiflorum ('Spring Wedding'). 

This plant will grow slowly and loves shade. It only produce a small flower in early spring, but I liked the foliage. It should be large enough (8-12 ") to fill the area where planted, but not grow so much that it spreads. we will see if slugs go for this or not.

In the same general area along the stone stairs, I also planted a Viola "Heartthrob" (Hardy violet)

This plant likes shade and will only grow to about 8-12". Im using it near the top of the stairs in a small niche that was unplanted. Both plants along the stairway should fill in over time and add some interest to the stairway.

Just off to the side of the stairway there was another niche needing a small plant. So, I placed a single Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum)

It needs full sun, so It might not do so well. Given the size of the niche, I thought it was worth the risk. The plant was also very inexpensive.

Near the Dwarf Korean Fir (Abies koreana 'Cis') I planted last year I wanted to add a couple of small Daylily 'Stella de Oro" (Hemerocallis Hybrid)

These plants will only get to about 12" and will bloom with a small yellow flower. They will do well in part shade, so near the northern top edge of the garden, they should get some light. Currently, their small size will fill in the two large gaps on either side of the Dwarf Korean Fir as I wait for that plant to slowly fill in over time.

I also decided to move a Lungwart plant along the north-west portion of the garden to make room for an annual Sundaze Flame Strawflower. The Lungwart was in the center of this bed area, so I moved it to the end corner.

The Sundaze Flame Starflower has a very bright flower and a texture almost paper-like. I am hoping the texture deters slugs. Bright flowering plants usually never stand a chance in the garden against slugs, we will have to wait and see.

At the very far southwestern corner of the garden, I planted a Hosta ('Pineapple Upside Down Cake')

Its a medium size Hosta with long and narrow leaves. These type of Hosta are becoming more widely available in this region and I had yet to plant anything like it. Of course, it loves shade so it should thrive. My only concern is that it is that I planted it in an area that has been slowly surrounded by a Green Mound Juniper (Juniperus procumbens ‘Green Mound’). I will probably trim back the Juniper, but over time, I may need to relocate the Hosta.

Near the Tachidōrō (or Kasuga-dōrō), or pedestal lantern by the back gate I decided to move the Melting Fire Coral Bell (Heuchera 'Melting Fire'). It had already been moved once before and was just not growing - probably not enough sunlight. I also had another elsewhere, by the back door corner, so I potted the two and placed them in a sunny area to see what happens. I have never really had much luck with this plant.

In place of the Melting Fire Coral Bell, I planted a Lungwort (Pulmonary 'Moonshine')

I have had good success with these type of plants given all the shade in the garden. This plant should grow to about 15-20 ". The silver white leave colors are a bit different than my other Pulmanaria and should help fill in this space.

Finally, I came across a very colorful Variegated Stonecrop (Sedum 'Veriegatum')

Its a spread evergreen ground cover with yellow flowers. It likes sun and shade and will spread about 9 x 24" I placed it in the corner area near the backdoor where one of the Melting Fire Coral Bells had been. I really liked the color and am hoping it does well in this area.