Monday, September 5, 2016

Garden Highlights

The garden usually peeks around mid July, but this year my plant selections have finally resulted in a new blooming of early fall plants. Additionally, many of the plants that started out as new at the start of spring have begun to mature as they have taken root, adding some new interest throughout the garden.

Gaunyin looks fantastic as she is highlighted in a beam of light while looking over the garden.

The meter-lantern finally has a nice full bed of Variegated Japanese Forest Grass at its base that hides the rock foundation. It turned out exactly as I had wished. If it gets too crowded as the plants get larger next year, I can always transplant one out.

The planter box near the back garage door has finally produced some color, and its spectacular. Unfortunately, I forgot to record this plant when I planted it and have since lost the tag. I'm not sure what it is, a type of Sedum I believe (if you know, feel free to post).

The Buddha end of the garden is doing o.k., but you can see by the diminishing size of the Hosta as your eye travels from left to right, that the burning bush behind the fence has become to large. Its canopy is taking over too much of the area and beginning to effect the amount of sunlight that the plants in this area receive. I have spoken with the neighbor and received permission to take it out. I am torn. I have spent many years training and trimming that bush to grow, but is just becoming too big as it moves over the fence.I will decide what to do in the next few weeks.

Looking west towards the gazebo, the garden is still looking good for early September.

Many of the plants I placed along the see-through fence last fall have really done well. This week they are starting to bloom. In a couple of days I am certain there will be even more color.

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