Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finished Gate

"Fortune will call at the smiling gate"

The gate frame is finally finished - well sort of. The basic frame is up and stained, bamboo panels installed and stained as well. I also added copper caps to the support posts and attached flashing to the top posts to protect them from water build up (out of sight, but still need to be painted).

Seeing it in place has made me decide to rework the hardscape of this entire area. My plan is to remove the wooden guides along this path, remove the mulch and replace it with wall-to-wall pea stone. Doing so will make the area seem more spacious. First, I have to add a couple of inches of gravel to the center span of the walkway - it dips and has needed leveling for some time - might as well get it done now.

I am also going to rework the plants - two Hosta in front and six in back. Also some grasses at both ends (to be moved from elsewhere).

Long term I would like to add some stepping stones, but I am not sure what type or pattern - more reading at the public library for next year will help me decide. I also plan on removing the trellises and planters from the garage wall - looks too busy and I never had any luck growing flowing plants there due to the lack of light. The Hosta will do just fine.

I also have to consider doors for the gate. This could be a problem - the gate is not actually straight. I was too cheap to buy a laser guide and paid the price by making some miscalculations. Its not too noticeable but may become more so when I attempt to attach a door. Also the width is too large for a single door. I'm thinking of a 3/4 and 1/4 double door with the smaller section on the left side. It may be a while before I get to this - I need to read up on door construction.

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