Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Back Bed and More

Over the last couple of weeks I have added and moved plants to the garden. In particular, I began to transform the area immediately behind the garage. I began by moving one of the clumping bamboo plants from its original location near the back gate (too cramped) to just at the termination point of the back bed before the back grange door.

I also moved a plant from the front of the house and placed it next to the bamboo (Rheingold Arborvitea, Thuja occidentals 'Rheingold'). This plant was half dead from lack of moisture this winter. I decided to trim off the dead material and then place it with the dead side facing the garage. It is almost unnoticeable and the plant seem to to be doing well - only time will tell.

I also planted an orange Dahlia in the space between for this season. It fills the void and adds some temporary color.

In the original location of the Bamboo, I planted an Irish Diamond Hosta Hosta x 'Allen P. McConnell'. Over time, this plant will fill in this awkward area next to the back gate.

Further along this bed I added a Mossy Rockfoil Saxifraga x arendsii 'Purple Robe' (foreground) and a Pulmonaria (hybrid) dark blue lungwart (background). I acquired the lung wart from The Fells in Vermont in their garden "store" at the main entrance.

Immediately behind them I place the statue of Guanyin, who now faces Buddha and is nestled just behind the Mugo Pine I planted here last year.

All together, the bed looks nice and should fill in over time.

Slugs have also been a major issue this year. I go out every morning with chopsticks and pick them off plants. To help, I purchased two soap stone mushroom ornaments - the removable lids give access to a chamber I fill with beer. Slugs go, but they don't come out. They "mushrooms" also look nice in the garden.


I also added some Salvia farinacea (Cathedral deep blue and sky blue) that my daughter wanted in the garden - she liked the bluish colors.

In addition, I am trying some 'Spring Beauty' Hen and Chicks Sempervivum x hybrid - these like rock gardens and I have plenty of rocks. If they take, I may plant more next year to fill other voids in the garden.

On the opposite side of the back garage door I planted two English Daisy 'Habanera Rose' bellis perennis. These six inch perennials should fill in the box nicely.

Finally, I am trying something different this year with the red planters - Yellow African Daisy

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