Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Falling Waters - Next Year

After acquiring a couple more loads of rocks, I started working on a plan for the future rain-chain/water-fall/bridge project. I know I won't get to it this season, but I wanted to lay out a preliminary plan for the location of the chain termination point, path of the water, and bridge span.

The layout looks pretty good, and most of the larger stones will stay in place once I begin. I tossed many of the rocks in back against the wall just to make it look clean. I also planted some Day Lilies and Hosta in the trench as a temporary improvement. I didn't want it to look too barren throughout the year. These plants will be transferred elsewhere when I begin digging the permanent trench next summer.

I also planted a lone 'Lemon Lime' Hosta (small leaf) just outside the rock formation. I acquired this plan from The Fells in Vermont. I am interested in seeing how it grows.

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