Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Plantings - 2012

I worked on the garden most of last weekend (5/5-5/6). I started by reworking the north-east section of the garden. Originally, it was a long-steep slope of small to medium stones. I was constantly having to rake stones back up the slope. So, I decided to add a second, lower bed and added more supporting rocks.

Original Layout (looking west)
New Layout (looking west)
New Layout (looking east)
I also added an additional layer to the top section just east of the stairs - it sloped to much causing mulch and always drain off with each rain storm. Adding an additional layer of rocks as a retainer should keep he mulch, and water, where it belongs.

Here is a full view - its hard to see these changes, but they are an improvement:

I then moved on to installing a variety of new plants and filled in some of the unused space with Marigolds. Here is a list of the new landings:

Assorted Marigolds

Shade Fanfare Plantain Lily (Hosta 'Shade Fanfare')

I planted two of these zone 3 Hostas in the garden - one just below the Maple, and the other in the newly created bed in the north-east section of the garden. Hosta do great in the garden, so I expect little problems, other than chipmunks.

Winky Red & White Columbine (Aguilegia 'Winky Red & White')

I attempted a set of similar plants last year, only to watch them be eaten by slugs. I am trying again with these Zone 3 plants. They should get to 18" x 18" provided the slugs stay away. If they make it, I'm hoping they attract hummingbirds.

Heavenly Blue Lithodora (Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue')

I planted two of these creeping perennials - I had one during the first year of the garden and the blue flowers were spectacular. That planted didn't last more than a year, but I am willing to try again. As a zone 6 plant it should do well and grow to about 3-6" in height and spread as much as 6' - no doubt I will trim them back as the grow, an easy task since they grow slowly.

Stonecrop (Sedum 'Rock Garden Blend')

This blend of different sedum should make a nice ground cover along the narrow top edge of the north-west side of the garden. I planted four, but each plant should grow to about 4-6" and fill in this edge. Thy like sun and dry, well-drained soil, so I am hoping these plants will do well.

Rock Cress (Arabis caucasia 'Snowfix')

This zone 4-8 perenial likes full sun, so I planted them on the north side of the garden. I still have one small plant from last year that survived, so I am hoping these will do well, although blooming season is currently in full swing for this plant. I might have to wait until next year to get a nice flowing.

Irish Moss (Sagina subulata)

Most of the moss that had been planted along the stone staircase didn't make it through the dry winter. Last year I had to add some more, but this year I replaced it all. It will look strange for a while until it spreads out.

Melting Fire Coral Bells (Heuchera 'Melting Fire')

This zone 4 plant should grow to about 15" x15" in size. I planted two, one each on either side of the Buddha. As annuals, they should bloom each spring and the red color should add some variety to the mostly green garden.


I planted one of the these annuals directly into the garden (red), but the other two (both white) were potted. I had a couple of potted plants last year and they did well - the potted plants I can move around as need to ensure the get enough light.


I'm not sure how these will do - I planted three at the foot of the Buddha in the Black stone area. They need at least 2-3 hours of sunlight but will do much better with more. It is an annual, so I am just tying it out to see what happens.

Additional Hosta

I also added a large number of Hosta behind and to the right of Buddha. I am moving the day lilies and grasses that had been there - they just were not getting enough light this time around. I will transplant them to other places. Instead, I installed Hosta that were given to me by a relative - they are different then most of the Hosta currently in the garden - they have broad, green leaves. They should do well in this increasingly shady corner.

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