Friday, August 19, 2011

New Plant Additions

Coral Bells 'Snow Angel' (Heuchera):

This zone 3 perennial likes partial shade and should grow to about 6-12" hight and spread about 12". I need to keep it well watered to avoid wilting. It has a nice variegated color to the foliage that I thought would add some variety to the garden (light green with creamy accents). It should sprout a nice redish bloom in late spring and early summer. It is also Deer resistant.

Brunnera (m. 'Emerald mist' Bugloss):

This zone 3 perennial likes full to partial shade. It should  grow to about 14 " It will bloom in May-June and is deer resistant. These leaves are a deep green but are splashed with a sliver making for a nice contrast and again adding some variety in the garden.

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