Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Grass

I purchased three small grass plants today - $2 each - great price. They are Mondo Grass - Convalaria (Ophiopogon japanicus), a ground cover that like part sun or morning sunlight only.

These should do well in the garden since it doesn't get much direct sunlight. I also moved the Mophead Sedge Grass closer to the Yukimi Lantern in order to make room for the Mondo Grass.

In addition, I cut back some of the Creeping Jenny on the north side of the garden. It was choking off one of my Rock Cress plants. 

I will probably have to move the Rock Cress at some point to allow the creeping Jenny to fill in this area. However, I have to keep a an eye on the Creeping Jenny, it is beginning to spread furthern than I would like.

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