Friday, August 19, 2011

Hosta Move

I moved the Hosta I planted on either side of the garden shed several years ago. These plants were originally in the front of the house and initially did well here.

However, last year I noticed that the plants on the right side were dying off much sooner than they should. This year the same problem impacted the plants on the front left side. Here is what the shed now looks like after the removal. I also moved a grass plant from along the fence line to act as a frame for the shed work area in conjunction with a second grass plant. I also transplanted a Coreopsis pant to the corner. This area will need additional work later.

So, given that I needed some sort of shade tolerant ground cover for the space directly in front of the new fence panels (minus the Moon WIndow), it made sense to try and move the Hosta. Hopefully they will do better next year. Here is the new location:

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