Thursday, August 7, 2014

The East Gate Stroll

I completed the layout of the East Gate area today. The last of the mulch was placed along the area near the driveway as well as the Black Eyed Susan bed.

I still need to make some decisions about plants. First, the corner between the fence line and front shrubs will need to be planted.

This area gets lots of light, so I will look for something with colorful flowers.

I also have to make a decision about the large bed along the fence line.

I would like a large shrub or maybe a dwarf Japanese maple. However, I have to be careful about this spot because in the winter it is where all the snow that is moved from the driveway by the snow blower ends up. Shooting lots of snow in this direction could damage a small shrub or tree.

Overall, this area along the driveway came out nice. I will wait a year to see if I want to keep the Hosta here. I might also consider planting a tall grass plant in the center of the peastone circle at this far end (see picture below)

The East gate area, with the gate at the far end, looks really nice. In time, the Cyprus shrub and the Spirea will grow to frame it like an entrance way. The Mexican Black Stone, which almost looks blue, also adds a nice linear element.

The view from within the garden is also much nicer since I cleaned up the old "dumping ground/camper parking lot." I'm already thinking that I might add some irregular stepping stones along the pathway along the right (near the garage wall).

Interestingly, none of this was on my list of "things-to-do" for this summer. In the end, I've just about doubled the size of the garden. It looks like its been a summer well spent.

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