Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dragon Spine - Snip

I worked on two unrelated projects that were the result of finishing up the East Gate area. Technically speaking, they are not part of the Zen garden. Nevertheless, they relate to to the overall yard plan.

The first was a small bed of Tiger-Lillies near the shrubs in front of the East Gate area. These lilies were planted around an electric pole for a couple of years, but were never mulched. I enlarged the edging around them and added some mulch, both of which were left over from the East Gate project.

The second was a new path way to the area behind the garden shed. In order to make this new pathway I would have to alter what I have referred to as the Dragon's Spine. 

Dragon's Spine, 2010

This area had first been landscaped back in 2010. I likened it to a dragon's spine - the tail end was connected to the patio area, which in turn was connected to the Zen garden. It has changed dramatically over the years as plants have grown. However, the end furthest from the Zen garden was always the place by which we entered the wood-lot behind our property. As a result, it was important to keep that space free of plants. This last December we cut the small pine tree seen in the image above (right) for use as an Xmass tree. 

Dragon's Spine, 2014

After finishing the East Gate area, I had an abundance of peastone that had been removed and needed a place to go. I also wanted to remove the grass which made up the walkway to the back of the shed. Doing so would allow me to curve the edge in a way that would be more lawn mower friendly.

So, the grass was removed, edging installed (leftover from the East Gate project), weed fabric laid, and peastone installed.

I also included an additional path out towards the wood-lot. Doing so meant that I had to snip the Dragon's Spine so that it was no longer a continuous set of curves. However, it was worth the change in order to make mowing easier and to make the entryway into the wood-lot look more like part of the overall plan, rather than a place with mulch but no plantings.

When seen from above, and within the context of the garden and rest of the yard, its an improvement.

There is also the possibility that I may finally fence off this part of the property next summer - I will think heavily about it during the winter. If I do so, this pathway into the wood-lot will be where I place a gate.

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