Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Black Stones

I installed the Mexican Black Stone this morning. I was concerned about how much stone I would need to fill in the 20 ft. long section of edging timbers. The cost of these stones is expensive at $25/3 gal. bucket, so four buckets would cost $107 (after tax). That seemed like a lot for so few stones. So, I looked around for an alternative, but nothing seemed to fit my vision for what I was trying to achieve. I therefore decided to make the purchase. After seeing them installed, I'm glad I did. 

Although not as dramatic as the Ryōan-ji temple Zen garden temple in Japan, it does add another element to the East Gate area. 


Now that the rest of the area is curved up, this linear element helps to make the garden more diverse while helping to accentuate the bed of Black Eyed Susans along the fence line.

I still have to add mulch, but once I do, I will definitely be finished with this portion of the East Gate area.

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