Monday, August 4, 2014

Rain Day

I've continued working on the East Gate area off-and-on over these last couple of weeks. Today it was raining, so I'm taking a well deserved break after much work.

Yesterday, I finally finished with the fence line. I had to dig a trench in order to install some plastic edging along the base of the fence. The fence is not mine, but my neighbors, so I have no control over its appearance. After removing the last of the red-rock that had been placed around the Hosta at the base of the fence, and transplanting or bucketing all of the Hosta, I needed a way to ensure that the neighbors grass would not grow into the East Gate garden area. Hence the plastic edging (not visible - behind the Black-Eyed Susans).

Area before being re-landscaped. Note - Hosta along fence line.

Once installed, I then planted the Black-Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia speciosa var: sullivantii "Goldstrum') - some of which I purchased, others of which were transplanted from elsewhere in the yard. Although not typically Japanese garden-like, I wanted to take advantage of the sunlight in this area to add some color.  

Fence line after re-landscaping with Black-Eyed Susans planted.

Black-Eyed Susans, Street View

In a couple of years, theses plants will grow to a height of 24-30 inches, tall enough to block the lower portions of the fence. The gaps will also fill in and the plastic edging at the base will help ensure they do not spread into the neighbor's lawn.

I also placed some additional plantings since last week, starting with a Spirea at the terminus of the wood edging.

In time, this plant will grow to fill this area in and help hide the end of the wooden timbers and the rocks surrounding the plant. It will also help to demarcate the portion of the East Gate area from the northern end which runs directly along the driveway. I consider these two different areas.

In addition, I transplanted a small boxwood shrub that was elsewhere in the yard. Originally one of two very small shrubs, it was the only one to survive the deep freeze last winter. I decided to add it to to one of the small islands (the one with two stones). In time it should grow a bit larger and fill in some of the space between the two stones. 

The northern area along the driveway is yet to be completed. I have placed a garden hose in the shape I plan to install some more black plastic edging. It will add curves and help keep the peastone from mixing in with the mulch I plan to place in the newly formed planting area. I already moved all the Hosta that will remain so that they conform to the curved edge and provided extra space for them to grow. 

The far corner, on the right, still has a triangular shaped space in which I may plant some still-to-be-determined flowering plants.

Once the rain stops, I will get back to digging and installing the edging. From there I will need to dispose of the old rotten timbers (seen in the driveway), add mulch, install Mexican Black Stone along the wooden timbers, and decide what to do with the open curved area in front of the second set fence rails (perhaps a large shrub or a dwarf Japanese maple).

Overall, the East Gate area is starting to look nice. 

A few more days and I should be done, provided the rain stops.

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