Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Water Under the Bridge, No More

Was busy this week making alterations to some of the plantings. First, I started by removing most of the rocks from the corner of the garage. Originally, I was planning on a rain chain here dropping into a recessed pool of rocks which would then feed into the main rock basin, either under a bridge or through a pipe. After calculating the amount of roofing and water discharge, I decided diverting that much water into the pit was too similar to the problem faced when I used the pit with the sump pumps. So, no rain chain, bridge or pipe. I'm o.k with that, it would have been a lot of work. Instead, I kept the large boulders for edging and planted a variety of Spiraea instead.

Spiraea japonica 'Alpina' (Japanese Spirea - aka 'Nana')

This zone 4 shrub will do well in this corner. It should grow to a height of 2' x 5' and easily filling this corner space in one or two seasons. It can be easily trimmed and shaped as well. This corner gets lots of sun, so the blooms should look nice.

I also removed the Daylily ( (Hemerocallis “Black Eyed Stella’) that had been temporarily placed in this area (they had once been behind Buddha). They were doing much better this year than last when they didn't bloom. I haven't decided what to do with them yet and they sit in buckets waiting a new home. 

In their place, I moved a Spiraea thunbergil 'Mt Fuji' plant that had been in front of the house. 

I originally liked the look of this plant - it resembled bamboo. However, it looked odd in the front of the house mixed in with other more traditional Spirea plants (Spiraea Magic Carpet). I had seen some of these 'Mt. Fuji' verity that had grown quite large over the weekend at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in West Boylston, MA. I thought I would see how it does along the back of the garage.

I also transplanted a sickly Hosta from elsewhere into the gap between the two Spireas - it will have to be moved in time, but for now fills in the void.

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