Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Carp in the Bed

A carp leaps up
the autumn moonlight
- Masaoka Shiki

While visiting the Portland Japanese garden, I came across a pair of carp made of molded cement in the gift shop. I like the shape, size, and low profile. I also like that they had a greenish tint to them. I had always been on the lookout for something that would allow me to imply water in the bed of the garden, but I did not want to add anything to ticky-tacky. These molded carp were perfect., so I purchased two and had them shipped home.

The carp arrived today and I proceeded to set them in place. First, I removed some of the large stones and placed a small level bed of pea stone where the carp would rest without fear of damage. Once placed, I hand placed some of the more medium sized stones around the carp. I didn't want them buried under rocks, nor did I want them popping out and resting on top of the bed. 

As you move away, they are a bitter harder to see.

From the edge of the garden they are almost invisible to the eye.

This is exactly how I want them to appear. I want the visitor to the garden to be surprised by the appearance of the carp. Its sort of like a Zen experience. If you go looking for them you won't find them, but if your just standing there taking in the view, then perhaps you will be surprised by their sudden appearance - enlightenment at its best.

Here is an alternative angle from which they might be viewed:

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