Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adjustments and Additions

Yesterday afternoon I took some time to make some adjustments to the garden and add some new plants I purchased earlier in the week. 

I started by moving one of the Rock Cress ('Snowfix') plants I had planted earlier in the spring - it just wasn't getting enough sunlight on the southern edge of the garden. 

I moved it to a small location on the northern side that receives substantially more sunlight in the afternoon. Hopefully it will do better there. 

Blue Mouse Ears Hosta

I placed this plant in the orriginal place of the Rock Cress. This miniature Hosta will only grow to about 6-7" tall x 12" wide. It will also do well in shade needing only about 3 hours of sunlight.

Lungwart (Pulmonaria 'High Contrast')

I added this plant to the area just next to the Buddha statue on the south side of the garden. It likes shade and should grow to about 9" x 18".

I also made some adjustments to the garden, specifically near the Buddha Statue. I removed the two Melting Fire Coral Bells (Heuchera 'Melting Fire') plants I placed on either side last year. They just haven't been growing back the way I hoped. They probably need more sunlight, so I placed each in a planter and will keep them in sunlight to see how they do. 

At some point I will find a permanent location for them elsewhere on the property.

I also took this opportunity to remove all the Mexican Black River Stones from around Buddha. Over time they were becoming mixed and buried with debris and dirt. I took each out, washed them off, cleaned up the area, and placed them back. 

It looks much cleaner and the rocks are once again a focal point. I don't know if I will plant anything here like I did the last couple of years, its just become too shady. It will take a while, but doing something with this corner will be a major focus this summer. I just want to do some research into what plants might work well before I experiment.

Finally, I placed some stones along the corner area near the back gate and the back garage door.

I had considered using some irregular bamboo edging, but instead opted for just using stones I already had. They will help to keep the pea stone on the pathway from sliding into the plant area which now needs to be re-mulched.

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