Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Open Door

"The Buddha can bring you to the door,
but you have to walk through it"

I started building two doors for the gate between the house and the garage. I spent most of the winter thinking about the design and how I would build it. I wanted to keep it within a reasonable budget, but more importantly, I wanted to keep it light. Too much weight could be a problem for the posts which are bolted down to cement footings rather than planted deep into the cement. So, I decided to use 1 x 4 cedar boards for the frame work and then 1 x 6 boards for the front face. 

I considered using the same sort of bamboo as the fence, but I wanted it to be solid so people passing by could not look in. 


They are looking pretty good so far - I measured and constructed them correctly (perhaps an inch too wide). They sit fine on the posts, but the post on the garage side is not aligned properly with the opposite post, so there is a bit of a disconnect between the doors.

I started staining them with the first coat today. I should be done with the second coat in a day or two. 


The non-green sections will go up later and then eventually the smaller details added.

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