Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Buddha Land

I've kept the area around Buddha plant free this spring and summer. After a visit to Faddegon's Nursery, one of my local favorites, I opted to try a couple of new plants. 

'Bottle Rocket' Ligularia

This zone 4-9 perennial likes part sun, so it should do well in this shady area. It produces a very bright yellow bloom around midsummer which I think will help to add some color to this section of the garden.


I planted two, one on either side of the Buddha and they should grow to about 28-34 inches in height and no more than 2 feet in diameter.

'Silk Sunset' Coleus

This annual likes shade and will grow to about 10-13 inches. I liked the colors and thought it will add something beyond green in the garden. 

It is an annual, so it will need to be replaced next season.

Zinnia (Profusion Yellow, Fire, and White)

I added some Zinnia to the garden. I've always liked the flowers and colors on these and have added some each year. 


If I can keep the slugs at bay, they will do fine and add some temporary diversity to the garden.

Overall, the garden is doing pretty good. Its seems to be at its height of color for this summer. 

Still need to fill in behind Buddha and I am planning on trimming back the Japanese Maple - a major undertaking.

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