Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bamboo Transplant

"The winds may fell the massive oak, but bamboo, bent even to the ground, will spring upright after the passage of the storm."

I thinned out the four bamboo plants that I had originally planted along side the gazebo. They were never spaced far enough apart and were very crowded, especially after a couple years of growth.

First Planted
On Year Later

Two Years Later

I decided to move two of the plants to the opposite side of the back entry way into the garden (along side the house). There was a grass plant located here that was doing very well. 

I decided to split the grass and move it to the end of the walkway between the house and garage. However, the split did not go well. One side seems to be still alive and may fully recover by next year. The other side (left) looks pretty sad and may not do well enough to keep in that location - only time will tell.

I considered splitting the bamboo, but after splitting the grass with such poor results, I opted not to do so. Instead, I moved two of the four plants. Over the next couple of weeks I made sure they got plenty of water and now they seem to be doing very well. In fact, they now have more room to spread out and both sides of the entry way and now look well balanced.

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