Sunday, April 15, 2012

Setting Posts

The weather during April vacation did not cooperate with my plans to work on the main entry gate. It wasn't until today, the last day of vacation, that I was able to attach the two main posts and the house and garage post.

The hard part was attaching the post to both the house and garage. I had to drill into brick and block on the house side and attach the small post with anchors. Once the rails are install, it should be solid.

The garage side required a small 2 x 4 at the base for support (below the cement board siding) anchored to the block at the base of the garage. I also had to drill through the cement board and then attach the small post with two bolts that passed through the cement board and screw into the wooded frame of the garage. I had to be careful not to crack the siding.

I am hoping to get he posts stabilized with rails soon. I can then start work on the arbor top. In the meantime, I will need to move the large collection of Hosta plants that are sprouting up exactly where the garage side bottom rial will be placed. I will most likely split these plants into two clumps and place them back in the garden near the Buddha statue - where the critters ate two of my plants last year.

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  1. This is coming along so well, Dave. Absolutely serene.