Sunday, April 22, 2012


"A flower unfolds to the best of its ability due to the conditions around it... and so do you - you unfold to the best of your ability." - Guanyin

I purchased a new statue for the garden - a Guanyin statute.  Guanyin is the Buddhist goddess of mercy/compassion. I found it at an antique shop while visiting Salam, Massachusetts. The shop had an unusually large collection of Buddhist statuary with several sizes of Guanyin statues and a wide variety (size and design) of Buddha statues.

I haven't decided where I will place her yet. I am thinking along the back side of the garage. That area will get a some transplanted grass or bamboo this summer and I still need to work on the rock pile for the rain chain and small bridge. So, it could be a while before Guanyin gets a permanent home.

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  1. I teach about Guanyin in World Mythology. Do you mind if I use this image next fall when I get into it?