Saturday, July 28, 2012

Little Additions, Big Intruders

I spent some time yesterday adding some small plants to the garden - one annual and three perennials. Unfortunately, when I went out to the garden today three plants had been ripped out of the ground by something rather large - probably not a dear, but definately bigger than a squirrel. I replanted two of the plants, but the third is not looking so good.

Here are the new additions:

Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans, 'Burgundy Glow')

Has nice purple and blue foliage and likes shade. Unfortunately, this is one of the plants that was dug up and needed to be replanted.

Hens & Chicks (Sempervivum, 'Hardy Mix')

I like the rosette of foliage on these - look sort of Buddhist, like a lotus. Although a sun loving succulent, it was not damaged by the intruder. I have some of these elsewhere in the garden wedged into small rock crevasses.

Zinnia (Profusion White)

I like the flowers on Zinnia - especially the white and brown mixture on this particular plant. As a annual it won't last long, but it does add some nice contrast to the north bank of the garden.

Bitterroot (Lewisia x longipetala hybrid, 'Little Plum')

This plant should develop long purplish-pink flowers, but because it is a type of succulent, it might have been target for eating by the garden intruder. It was damaged and may not make it (sorry, picture above is not from my garden).

Bellflower 'White Clips' Campanula

This plant was not new, but planted last week. For some reason, it appealed to the intruder who ripped it out and deposited it lower in the garden. I replanted it and hope it will survive.

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