Sunday, September 14, 2014

Comfort: Traditional Over Modern

I went to visit The Clark museum over the weekend to see an exhibit of Shang Dynasty bronzes from the Shanghai Museum. The exhibit was great, but while exploring the museum, I came across some modern style Adirondack chairs outside along the new Clark Center patio area (designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando). 

I had considered these chairs a couple years back when planning for new furniture for my own garden. However, at that time, the $550-650 cost per chair seemed an extravagant expense. In addition, I would have had to purchase them online without any opportunity of trying them out. I'm glad I opted for the more traditional Adironack chairs I purchased this spring. These modern chairs look great, and definitely exhibit a Japanese esthetic that makes them fit in well at that Clark (and probably in my Zen garden), but they were absolutely uncomfortable. 

Too bad, I really liked them. On the other hand, I now have the most comfortable chairs I have ever owned in my garden. 

I'll take traditional any day over modern, especially when it comes to comfort.

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