Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ring of Fire

After a long wait, the new fire table I ordered for the garden finally arrived. A fire pit was always part of the original plan for the garden. As one of the Five Elements, fire was an important part of ensuring some aspects of good Feng Shui in the garden.

The first fire table I installed was meant to be temporary - a small metal fire table that required me to chop wood and keep it clean. It was too much work to roast some marshmallows. In addition, it was poorly constructed and only lasted a couple of years before I disposed of it.

I considered digging an in-ground pit, and even running a gas line and installing a gas burner. However, getting one installed was very expensive and I wasn't sure were I actually wanted to place it. I also didn't want to do all that work. Instead, after much research, I opted to spend money to buy a more durable fire table, one that ran on propane. Most were either too large, expensive, or high (more like table height).

Eventually, I came across a coffee-table hight fire table, one that uses a 17 lb. horizontal tank, thus keeping the hight low. It was also round, an important esthetic since I intended to place it in front of the Moon Window.

In fact, the diameter of the table was exactly the same as the Moon Window circle. I thought this would prove a nice element.

I purchased it from an online distributor, All Backyard Fun. They have been very helpful in making sure all went well with the delivery.

It was easy to install, and once up and running, it worked and looked great.

It also came with a top-cover for when its not in use, helping to keep dirt, leaves, etc. out of the glass in the burner.

It may not be "natural" using propane, but from now on no more chopping wood, stinking like smoke, or having to clean up. I can go out, turn it on, roast a marshmallow, turn it off, and go to bed. Bummer for global warming, but, hey, I like marshmallows.

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