Monday, May 27, 2013

Stepping Stones

Worked on the garden all day today - the first day without cold wind and rain in many days. I decided to  include new plantings and move some others. In the process, I found myself reworking some of the stones around the plantings, especially near the west end of the garden near Buddha and the circle of hostas. Going in and out between the rock pile next to the garage and the locations within the garden was difficult because there was no formal entry or steps to make it easy. The one set of steps in the center is not always convenient to enter and exit. I therefore decided to create a second set of entry steps near the west end. I had several large rocks I was saving for a different project in the garden, but decided to use them because they were large enough for steps and had nice flat surfaces on one side. 

It wasn't easy moving them into place, but with some effort and caution, I was able to do so without too much of a struggle. They are very stable and make entry and exit much easier than before, when I often slipped and stumbled into this area. They also look nice - more natural than the granite steps in the middle.

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