"The only Zen you find flowing in the garden is the Zen you bring there each day."

This blog site is my attempt to document my endeavor to build a Japanese-style Zen garden in my backyard. With a limited budget, some imagination, and the need to exercise my body, I started my quest to finish the landscaping around my garage, a project which started in 2007. In the process, I discovered much about gravel, rocks, dirt, water, and weed-guard fabric — not quite the five elements, but close enough.

Two arms, a shovel, and a
wheelbarrow - what
more does one need.

I also experienced several euphoric moments that could be described as enlightenment, although my wife thinks they were most likely a combination of dehydration coupled with cardiac arrest. Nevertheless, I struggled forward, shovel load after shovel load, and wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow. The garden isn’t finished yet, and some friends have warned that it never will be, but onward I continue my quest for enlightenment!