Monday, August 8, 2016

For What It's Worth

The Fort Worth Japanese Garden is part of the Fort Worth Botanic garden in Texas. I had a chance to visit it this summer while staying in nearby Oklahoma. It comprises 7.5 acres and is filled with many elements of a traditional Japanese garden. For a more detailed description of the garden and all its elements, check out the Wikipedia entry.

Overall, I found this garden to be interesting. There were elements of Japanese gardens, but it also retained its Texas character. There could have been less use of cement (rater than granite) for hardscape, and more open areas instead of heavily forested areas.

The main gate way was very impressive.

The dry landscape garden was a bit of a disapiontment. The stones and gravel worked fine, but the viewing platform was poorly conceived. It completely surrounded the garden and was too high off the ground. As a result, the cement pillars holding up the structure were visible. In addition, a railing surrounded the entire platform, making any attempt to take in the view for contemplation impossible.

The fish and turtles throughout the ponds were a nice touch.

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