Saturday, August 20, 2016

Strolling Around

After traveling home from Philadelphia and New Jersey, I found myself passing New York City, at which point I decided to take a detour to visit the John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden in Locust Valley, on Long Island.

John P. Humes, a former ambassador to Austria (1969-1975) had been inspired by sites he had visited in Kyoto, Japan. In 1960, he decided to build a stroll garden on his estate. In 1985, following his death, the garden was open to the public. 

Parking area and gateway:

Bamboo forest along the edge of the parking area:

Trail leading across a small stream, over bridge, and up to a ridge from parking area:

Gateway to the teahouse:

Front view of the Japanese teahouse:

Side & back view of the teahouse:

Back corner of the teahouse with rain chain:

 Other plantings and stone lanterns within the garden:

Overall, the stroll garden was very nice.

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